The Handbook of the Percent for Art Principle in Finland out now in English

The Handbook of the Percent for Art Principle in Finland  is a practical handbook for both commissioners and artists interested in art.

The Handbook for Commissioners is a practical handbook for all developers, such as municipal decision-makers, planners, architects and construction companies interested in art. The handbook explains the most common art funding and commissioning models in Finland.

The Handbook for Artists is a practical guide for visual artists who wish to make public art. The handbook takes the reader through the entire process of producing a public work of art, from signing a contract to working during the construction project and drawing up a maintenance manual.

The Percent for Art principle, i.e. the principle that part of the funds budgeted for a construction project are allocated to art, has experienced a resurgence in Finland in the last decade. New models for commissioning public art have also emerged. In this handbook, the Percent for Art principle is understood as something more than a political decision in principle because the different models draw from the same idea: the aim is to create better built environments through high-quality architecture, design and art.

Read the publications in PDF format

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